Camoenae Hungaricae

Consilium editorum

Ladislaus Szörényi
Gabriel Kecskeméti

Alexander Bene Ladislaus Havas
Petrus Kulcsár Andreas Vizkelety

Curam edendi susceperunt
Institutum Litterarum Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
nec non Hungaria Latina – Societas Neolatina Hungariae

Candido lectori salutem

We have been planning publication of a new periodical for quite a long time—one that would provide an appropriate international forum to present Hungarian Neo-Latin philology. This seems all the more necessary, because—as a result of the negotiations started in 2000 in Cambridge—on the Twelfth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies (Bonn, 2003), Hungary was given the privilege of hosting the Thirteenth International Congress (2006).

The editorial board consists of editors of the Irodalomtörténeti Közlemények (Review of Literary History, Publications d’histoire littéraire, Literaturhistorische Mitteilungen, Rassegna di storia letteraria), a periodical in Hungarian, established in 1891. This periodical is published by the Institute for Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA ITI), and it has always had problems of Hungarian Latin studies in its focus. We want to follow good international examples in the coming volumes: invite an international editorial board to select from and proofread incoming articles.

Filled with anxiety and hope, we greet our Readers on behalf of the Editors, of the Hungarian Neo-Latin Society, and of the MTA ITI. We hope Pannon Muses can stand on their own feet.

30 November, 2004

László Szörényi